A real passion for business, research and technological excellence are the elements which have distinguished the Standartex company for 50 years. Today such prerogatives represent the pride of a rapid production, aimed at "just in time", in a commercial reality which desires to keep products entirely Italian and of indisputable quality.    

Founded in 1957 in Brianza – ancient land of Teodolinda, queen of the Lombards -, in the wake of the local business tradition which right from the second half of the 19th century was represented by cotton and silk. Nowadays it is a modern reality which has maintained the spirit of business and independence, the organisation and the productive efficiency typical of the area.  



Research culture and technique innovation.

In the sign of creativity the added bonus of Standartex quality is the complete service which starts right from the yarn and reaches the finished fabric, ready to be cut. Rigour without rigidity for a strongly vertical structure and at the same time open and flexible.

Standartex: history and avant-garde projected into the third millennium.

An indispensable reference point for who wishes to weave fabric and innovation.