For finishing we mean all the operations carried out on the fabric aimed at conferring aesthetic or chemical-mechanical characteristics giving it a more pleasant aspect and making it more suitable for the needs of the customers..  



After careful testing to check that the raw material is of the highest quality, the preparation phases of the finishing begins: singeing to eliminate the pile from the fabric and desizing to remove the size previously applied to the thread.  

Scouring and bleaching are useful processes for a more in depth cleaning of the fabric, while mercerizing is carried out to confer brightness and shine, quality to the touch and dimensional stability. 



Before weaving or directly  on the piece, we use Indanthren® colours, which are solid and resistant to washing.

An automatic system of distribution of the product ensures a constant and uniform distribution of the dye. The result will then be checked by a spectrophotometer.


Final finishing

The fabric is ready to be modelled for final use: anti crease, anti stain, anti acid. There are numerous processes which can be carried out:

anti-microbial to eliminate bacteria or prevent them from multiplying;

sizing for a stronger treatment;

smoothing for a velvety finish;

calendering for the shine and “smooth” effect and many other processes, including sanforizing to finally establish the dimensions of the material to washing in water.