Textiles manufactured to meet the widest range of needs. Heavy fabrics for trousers in cotton or mixed yarns, dyed in Indanthren® colours. Light or semi-light shirt fabrics: Oxford, Poplin and Twill. They are soft and shiny thanks to  Standartex finishings and the high quality of selected yarns. They are smooth to the touch, almost silk-like. Heavy and lighter denims are used for shirts, varying  from dark blue like the sea at Santorini,   grey nuances just like the Dolomites in the morning.

Heavy & Medium Textile Collection

A selection of fabrics in cotton, polyester/cotton, cotton rich, stretch and non-stretch, weighing from 250 to 600 gr/lm, ideal for making trousers, jackets, Bermuda shorts etc.

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Street Chic Collection

Poplin, Gabardine, Twill, Dobby and Oxford.

The tradition of classic urban shirt tailoring: both elegant and comfortable.

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Leisure wear fabrics 3XDRY® finishing

Classic textiles for shirts combined with a cutting-edge finishings.

They are ideal for those who want to wear shirts that are comfortable and always perfect throughout the day, preventing unpleasant stains and perspiration marks.

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Denim Collection

The Denim collection by Standartex includes fabrics that are made of Indigo double twisted yarns that give the fabric luminosity, resistance and thickness.

Jeans fabric is not only for trousers but also for shirts, from the most sophisticated, soft and light ones to the most simple country style ones.

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Double Face Textile Collection

Double face textile collection made with indigo and Indanthren® dyes. Their design evokes fantasy and creativity. Indigo fade changes according to washings, Indanthren® yarn keeps its colour unchanged.


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