This section includes the most innovative textiles of our collections: these include high visibility fabrics in 100% lightweight cotton, oil and water repellent textiles. They embrace also antibacterial fabrics, treated with silver ions, antacid fabrics made of 100% polypropylene as well as antistatic, flame retardant and electric arc resistant fabrics.

High visibility 100% cotton fabrics  

High visibility fabrics made of 100% leightwight cotton certified in compliance with the EN 471:2003 and 471:2008 standard. They are ideal for shirts, trousers and all individual protection devices with the characteristic features of cotton: lightness and breathability. They are essential in summer and hot regions.

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Antacid fabrics 

University by Standartex is an antacid fabric made of 100% polypropylene, certified in compliance with the UNI EN 13034:2009 standard. It is versatile and ideal for various other uses thanks to its characteristics. It is warm in winter, dry, hygienic and nonallergic. It also requires minimal care and provides maximum colourfastness.

Silver edition allows more than 99% bacteria removal. This protective action has an unlimited life.

Very recent tests on the yarn employed, certified antiviral properties. The yarn tested in compliance with ISO 18184:2019 confirmed the reduction of 99% INFLUENZA A virus subtype H1R1.


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Antibacterial fabrics

Certain work environments expose us to a greater chance of coming into contact with bacteria, which settle and multiply on fabrics causing unpleasant smells or even illnesses. This is why we have manufactured two antibacterial fabrics which, treated with Silpure®, reduce bacteria growth on fabrics by 99.9999%.

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EA 311 Ripstop Flash

A totally innovative fabric in 90% cotton and 10% polyester. It weights 195 gr/sqm and has antistatic properties. It is flame retardant and resistant to electric arc flash. It is certified in compliance with UNI EN ISO 11612:2009, UNI EN 1149-5:2008, CEI EN 61482-1-2:2007, CEI EN 61482-1-1:2007 standards, and its characteristics remain unchanged after 50 washes at 60°C.

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EA 310 Ripstop Flash

A 90% cotton and 10% polyester fabric. It weights 135 gr/sqm and has antistatic properties. It is flame retardant and the special ripstop grid makes this garment highly resistant to tearing. It is certified in compliance with current European standards and its characteristics remain unchanged after 50 washes at 60° C.

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Ultraflash Light Trio

A 99% cotton antistatic, flame proof and acid proof fabric, certified in compliance with UNI EN ISO 14116:2008, UNI EN 340:2004, UNI EN 1149-5:2008 and UNI EN 13034/05 type 6 and type PB standards [6]. This product is the right choice for combining multiprotection with the comfort of cotton.

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