Standartex produces workwear fabrics since 1957, the very beginning of its activity. At the time there were the Massaua and the Fustians only. Now Standartex collection includes textiles for the hospitality field, fabrics made of cotton/carbon for antistatic protection, as well as polyester-cotton and elastomultiester. They are just as resistant as at the beginning and of upmost quality. They are all produced in the factory based in Italy. They have structural characteristics and variations, in line with the customers’ requests and in compliance with the actual laws.

Hôtelier collection

This collection presents classic items that cannot be forgotten in the professional clothing field. It includes also innovative items which makes unique and exclusive this collection.

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Antistatic Flash Line

Standartex antistatic and dissipative fabrics are very appreciated and employed  in the workwear field

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Stretch Line

Stretch fabrics? Why not? Find the Standartex Stretch Line

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100% Cotton Collection

Raised and non raised Fustians, Massaua, Gabardine, Oxford. Suitable for shirts, pants, cargo trousers and more.

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Polyester/Cotton Collection

These are the typical fabrics for workwear..

They are tenacious and resistant but also comfortable. They are the best solution for clothing that must be stressed by several intensive washings and used in hard ways.

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Denim Collection

Standartex Denim Collection employs various weaves: plain, twill, oxford. Standartex uses only the best yarns, even the thinnest twisted ones.

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Tenax Teflon® Shield Pro+

A fabric made of polyester/cotton, hydro and oil repellent. It can keep its repellence even after 30 water-washes at 60° C.

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