• Stretch Line

    Stretch Line by Standartex is the right choice to wear comfortable clothing also at work.

    We conceived some products which melt comfort and practicality, thanks to the elastic yarns employed and the easy maintenance, typical of “work & protective wear”




    Raw material and finishing

    Standartex has chosen two different kinds of raw materials:

    1. yarn made of elastomeric fibres, which  possess extremely high elongations capability and that recover fully and rapidly from high elongations up to their breaking point.
    2. LYCRA® T400® an “elastomultiester” yarn -in short EME- which maintains the recovery capability even after high temperature washings. The stretch retention is guaranteed against aggressive chemical washing stuffs as well.


    Stretch Line by Standartex offers both items.





  • Target

    Stretch Line can be used everywhere.

    Hospitality brands, multinational retailer corporations and companies working in the fashion field can easily appreciate the various patterns and colours.

    Fabrics belonging to our Stretch Line are suitable for trousers, cargo pants and jackets, thanks to the elastic yarns employed. For further information, please visit in the data sheet items such as Dondolino, Rimbalzello, Tiramolla, T Rex, Check & Stretch, Stripe & Stretch.