• TENAX TEFLON® Shield Pro+

    Tenax is among the most widespread fabrics for workwear.




    Raw material and finishing

    TENAX is a blend of combed polyester/cotton yarn (65/35%, 245 gr/sqm).

    These features match for professional clothing, which need strong and frequent washings.

    For dyeing cotton, Standartex  prefers Indanthren® dyes, while for polyester, Dianix®.

    Today Indanthren®  dyes perform at best as for resistance to light and to strong water washings also with aggressive chemicals, while Dianix® dyes are specific for  synthetic fibres.

    Tenax by Standartex has a further plus: Teflon ® Shield Pro+  finishing.

    Teflon ® protects fabrics from water and oil: drops of oil or other fluids bead up and roll off  the cloth leaving it dry and clean.

    Shield Pro+  enhances the properties of Teflon ® treatment: water and oil resistance is preserved even after 30 washings at 60°C.

    It is really hard and challenging to achieve the Shield Pro+ certification: first you have to master Teflon ® technology and then possess the necessary know-how to exploit it up to its limits.

  • Target

    The Tenax Teflon® Shield Pro+ collection is suitable for workwear  in the mechanical and chemical industry as well as civil protection and hospitality.